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Golden Gate No. 12

District Personnel
Grand Lodge Deputy : David Jansson
District Master : Sven-Ove Westberg
Vice District Master : Edward Netzel
District Secretary : Mary Wahlberg
Assistant District Secretary : Toni Bray
District Treasurer : Lois Johansson
District Membership Chairman : James Netzel
District Executive Board : Robert Homer
District Executive Board : Jeff Vanover
Jr Past District Master : Jim Melin
District Chaplain : Carole Ann Sell
Master of Ceremonies : Darin Freeland
Assistant Master of Ceremonies : Aurora Allen
District Inner Guard : Toni-Lynn Salucci
District Outer Guard : Alyison Ryberg
District Trustee : Paul Jevert 1 year
District Trustee : Mikael (Mike) Peterson 2 years
District Trustee : Craig Petersen 3 years
District Auditor : Kate Christensen 1 year
District Auditor : Keith Hanlon 2 years
District Auditor : Roselind Gaviola 3 years
District Cultural Leader : Ruberth “Swede” Englund
Assistant District Cultural Leader :
District Youth Supervisor : Mimi Holtermann
District Historian : Marie-Ann Hill
District Historian Emeritus :
Archives Representative : Corky Peterson
Vasa Star Correspondent : Jaylene Morgan
PDM Club - Secretary : Paul Jevert
District Scholarship Chair : Emma Hanlon
District Newsletter Co-Editor : Joyce Ellen Willow
District Newsletter Co-Editor :
District Program Book Editor : Mikael (Mike) Peterson
District Information Technology Director : Sven-Ove Westberg
District IT Committee : David Jansson
District IT Committee : Mikael (Mike) Peterson
District Parliamentarian : Mikael (Mike) Peterson
District Convention Advisor : Birgitta Kellgren
District Convention Advisor : Tore Kellgren
District Young Adult Liaison :
District Youth Liaison and Advisor :
District Social Media Manager : Elissa Kim Silveira
GL 2018 Host Committee Chair : Victoria Fedor-Thurman
GL 2018 Host Committee Treasurer : Mikael Peterson
Grand Lodge Delegate : Edward Netzel
Grand Lodge Alternate : Craig Petersen 3 years