Vasa Order of America

Grand Master's Message

Grand Master Art Bjorkner's Summer Message for 2018

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Dear Vasa Members,

It has been a few weeks since I was elected your Grand Master for the ensuing term. I was honored with a “send off” party by NJ District 6 Vasa Park Trustees, and I have begun forwarding messages to my Grand Lodge Deputies with updates for everyone. I am anxious to pass to all of you pertinent information from the GL Convention. The Delegates to the convention were hosted and toasted and worked very hard on your behalf to update and revise according to the actions and recommendations sent to the convention from all of you!

The planning and execution of the convention was excellent. Many thanks go to Victoria Fedor- Thurman, Chairperson of the convention and her District 12 member committees. From hotel management, tours and food, we could have not asked for anything better. I would especially like to thank the many Swedish members attending the convention, and I am looking forward to attending theirs in May 2019!

The composition of the GL Executive Board is outstanding. Of the nine of them, I have known eight for at least eight years, and they possess much usable Vasa knowledge for the Good of the Order. We are proud to announce the Order is officially on all three major social media platforms! Please share and join Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help increase our social media presence. For additional questions contact our Social Media Director Chad Widman,

Shortly after the convention First Lady (Nancy) and I headed off to the famous Jamestown Scandinavian Festival in New York. We enjoyed the friendship, music, food and exhibits. Don Sandy of Thule Lodge #127 did a great job organizing everything. 

If there are any festivals or exhibits in your area, endeavor to join in and have a “Vasa information” booth/table. We cannot gain members without sharing our enthusiasm for the order! Have brochures, applications and pictures of your events. Also, suggest at least one attending member wear the traditional costume. If you do not have a local brochure, download the GL brochure shown on the GL web Membership page, and go to the Membership Guide and see a sample of a local district brochure.

The new Vice Grand Lodge Secretary is Marlene Patient, Contact her for jewelry, pins, new member packets (free) and other paper products. New membership applications are available online to download. In accordance with an approved motion at the convention, no recommendation is now required for membership, and the wording has been deleted.  

In Truth and Unity,
Art Bjorkner, Grand Master