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Connecticut No. 1

District Officers
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Grand Lodge Deputy : Linda J. Steinmiller
District Master : Linda J. Steinmiller
Vice District Master : Maryann O’Leary
District Secretary : Lisa Starks
Vice District Secretary : Bill Parsons
District Treasurer : Karen Baker
Vice District Treasurer : Judith Fisher
Executive Board : Dale Youngstrom
Executive Board : Lillian Nordstrom
Executive Board : Karen Lofquist
Executive Board : Marta Sylvan
District Trustees : Kay Kalwat
District Trustees : Sonja Krummrey
District Trustees : Dale Youngstrom
District Auditors : Joe O’Leary
District Auditors : Tord Johnson
District Auditors : Lilija Strazinskis
District Cultural Leader : Joe O’Leary
District Historian : Christine Bongiorni
District Membership Chairman : Gary Steinmiller
Newsletter Editor : To Be Named
Executive Board, Ex Officio Chair : Joe O’Leary
District Inner Guard : Arlene Ogonowski
District Outer Guard : Britt Cantella
District Chaplain : Sonja Krummrey
District Master of Ceremonies : Dale Youngstrom
Asst. District Master Of Ceremonies : Art Ogonoski
Youth Activities / Children's Clubs : To Be Named
District Webmaster : Gordon Reimer
PDM Club President : Christian J. Couture
PDM Club Secretary : Lisa Starks
Vasa Park Chairman : Joe O’Leary
District Deputy Norden No. 1 : Bill Parsons
District Deputy Kronan No. 2 : Dale Youngstrom
District Deputy DIANA BIRGER JARL No. 3 : Lilija Strazinski
District Deputy Karl XII No. 103 : Britt Cantella