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New Jersey No. 6

District Officers
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This list updated: May 29, 2024

Grand Lodge Deputy : Robert Coleman    contact
District Master : Maria Gawin    contact
Vice District Master : Inger Hanright    contact
District Secretary : Cathy Peterson    contact
Assistant District Secretary : Robert Coleman    contact
District Treasurer : Christine Coleman    contact
Executive Board : James Radel    contact
Executive Board : Melissa Bernabie
Executive Board : Max DiAlfonso
District Chaplain : Deborah Larsson    contact
District Cultural Leader : Marie Demboski    contact
District Master of Ceremonies : Axel Pierson    contact
Asst District Master of Ceremonies : Max DiAlfonso    contact
District Inner Guard : Kevin Bjorkner    contact
District Outer Guard : Melissa Monnia
Jr PDM : Kory Warner    contact
District Webmaster : Robert Anderson    contact
Social Media Director : John Hester    contact
District Membership Team : Andrea (Annie) Kasich    contact
District Membership Team : Max DiAlfonso    contact
District Membership Team : Axel Pierson    contact
District Membership Team : Susan O' Sullivan    contact
District Historian/Archives Representatives : Inger Hanright    contact
District Historian/Archives Representatives : Terry O Meloskie    contact
District Historian/Archives Representatives : Helen Haumacher    contact
District Photographer : Brittany Roselle
District Trustees : Andrea Kasich    contact
District Trustees : Kurt Christensen
District Trustees : Carol Hendrickson    contact
District Auditors : Annemarie O'Donnell
District Auditors : Edward Gunnesen    contact
District Auditors : Mark Bjorkner    contact
District Auditor Emeritus : Life Mem Lou Casella
District Chaplain Emeritus : S. Jeanette Baker
District Historian Emeritus : Life Mem Terry Meloskie
Vasa Star Rep : Terry O Meloskie    contact
New Jersey Vasa Home Family Editor : Jerry Meloskie    contact
New Jersey Vasa Home Family Treasurer : Helen Haumacher    contact
New Jersey Vasa Home Family Circulation : Robert Anderson    contact
District Youth Supervisor : Michelle Payea    contact
Vasastjarnan Jr. Club : Cathy Peterson    contact
Vasastjarnan Jr. Club : Candace Ruth Peterson-Phelps    contact
Children's Club Skansen No. 147 : Michelle Payea    contact
Children's Club Skansen No. 147 : Jamie Morgan
PDM Club President : Randy Pierson    contact
PDM Club Secretary : Robert Coleman    contact
PDM Club Treasurer : Marie Demboski    contact
Vasa Ski and Outdoor Club : Bruce Brattstrom    contact
NJ Vasa Home Ladies Auxiliary President : Helen Smith    contact
NJ Vasa Home Ladies Auxiliary Secretary : Jayne Lewis    contact
New Jersey Vasa Home View Park : Clubhouse
NJ Vasa Home Board of Trustees President : James Radel    contact
NJ Vasa Home Board of Trustees Secretary : Beverly Blake    contact
NJ Vasa Home Board of Trustees Treasurer : Fred DiAlfonso    contact