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Golden Gate No. 12

District Officers
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Storlogedeputerad : David Jansson    contact
Distriktsmästare : Edward Netzel    contact
Vice Distriktsmästare : Darin Freeland    contact
Jr Past District Master : Sven-Ove Westberg    contact
Distriktssekreterare : Mary Wahlberg    contact
Distriktskassör : Keith Hanlon    contact
Distriktskulturledare : Paul Jevert    contact
District Membership Chairman : Robert Homer    contact
District Executive Board : Michael Bray    contact
District Executive Board : Kate Lindblad Christensen    contact
Biträdande Distriktssekreterare : Toni Bray    contact
Distrikt Kaplan : Kikki Nordin    contact
District Trustee : Mikael (Mike) Peterson (1 yr)    contact
District Trustee : Craig Petersen (2 yr)    contact
District Trustee : Sven-Ove Westberg (3 yr)    contact
District Auditor : Richard Wooster (1 yr)    contact
District Auditor : Roselind Gaviola (2 yr)    contact
District Auditor : Jan Nordin (3 yr)    contact
District Youth Supervisor : Mimi Holtermann    contact
Distrikthistoriker : Marie-Ann Hill    contact
Distrikt Inre Vakt : Erdmann Rogge    contact
Distrikt Yttre Vakt : Carole Ann Sell    contact
Ceremonimästare : Jack Knutson    contact
Assistant Master of Ceremonies : Karen Elliott    contact
Arkiveringsombud : Corky Peterson    contact
Vasa Star Correspondent : Mary Wahlberg    contact
PDM Club - Secretary : Helen Mingram    contact
District Scholarship Chair : Emma Hanlon    contact
District Newsletter Co-Editor : Joyce Ellen Willow    contact
District Program Book Editor : Tore Kellgren    contact
District Information Technology Director : Sven-Ove Westberg    contact
District IT Committee : David Jansson    contact
District IT Committee : Mikael (Mike) Peterson    contact
District Parliamentarian : Mikael (Mike) Peterson    contact
District Convention Advisor : Birgitta Kellgren    contact
District Convention Advisor : Tore Kellgren    contact
District Social Media Manager : Elissa Kim Silveira    contact
GL 2018 Host Committee Chair : Victoria Fedor-Thurman    contact
GL 2018 Host Committee Treasurer : Mikael Peterson
Grand Lodge Delegate : Edward Netzel    contact
Grand Lodge Alternate : Craig Petersen (3 yr)    contact