Vasa Order of America
Honors Swedish American of the Year 2020

Material and Links courtesy of DL 20. Thank you Sister Catherine and Brother Göran


Jessica Meir, Swedish American of the Year

In 2020 NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir was honored for two prominent awards in Sweden: Swedish
American of the Year by the Vasa Order of America and Honorary Doctor of Technology by the Luleå
Technical University. Both of these awards were handed over to Jessica Meir in Luleå, situated in
northern Sweden, in November 2021.

In connection with a banquet for the honorary doctors, Jessica Meir was honored both by the Vasa
Order of America and the university. About 300 hundred guests applauded her when the Vasa Order
of America representative Catherine Bringselius Nilsson held a speech to Jessica Meir while handing
over the insignia of the Award: a golden plaque and a diploma. Vasa Order representative Göran
Nilsson presented her with greetings from the Swedish King Carl Gustaf and the Ambassador of the
Swedish US Embassy.

The day before Jessica Meir had held a lecture about her way from a 5-year old child dreaming of
becoming an astronaut until she fulfilled her dream by hard work and dedication. You are welcome
to listen to her lecture by this YouTube link
Experimenting in microgravity: full circle for a scientist turned astronaut - YouTube

(Contains advertisements, Introduction in /Swedish, Lecture and program in English.)