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Grand Master's Message

Spring 2022 -  click HERE to View in Swedish

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The Grand Master’s Message

Dear Vasa members,

This will be my last Grand Lodge message in the Vasa Star.  The last four years have been different for all members of the Order. At this time a few lodges have opened to all in person meetings including Conventions.  Others are having Zoom meetings.

I have been always thinking about how well our cultural programs and events are and if Sweden was aware of us?  Therefore, with assistance from District 9 member Arne Dunhem an appointment was made with the Swedish Ambassador, Karin Olofsdotter.  Nancy and I boarded a train (train broke down enroute) and arrived one hour late in Washington D.C.  Had a nice meeting and my questions were answered in a positive way. 

The Ambassador said that we are perceived by Sweden as being a great asset for delivering the message of Swedish cultural and keeping it alive.  The Ambassador will give us a letter stating that. This was something I always thought about. The Ambassador has been invited to our Grand Lodge Convention this year and will try to attend or her second in command will attend and speak.  I believe the meeting was very encouraging to the Order.

Do not wait to make your Convention Hotel reservations. We have a block of rooms reserved at a very discounted price. Call the Marriott directly using the code: VASA GRAND LODGE CONVENTION. CALL: USA & CA 1-888-236-2427, and Sweden 020 795122. The Convention web site can be reached from the or directly at

Convention Registration: Everyone attending must fill out the Registration form and fee is $30USD, even only attending the free events.

A bus trip is scheduled to New Jersey Vasa Park (largest Vasa Park in the Order).  Guests will receive Fika on arrival, and later a lunch provided by Vasa Park Ladies Auxiliary.  Enjoy swimming in our extra-large pool, don’t forget your bathing suit. Complementary/memorable Vasa Park towels will be given to you to use and take home. Also enjoy strolling around the park sipping a cold refreshment.

I have just returned from New Jersey DL 6 Convention, the first in three years.  It was well attended, and the new District Master is one of youngest we have seen. Another first for NJ is that the three members of the Executive Board are all Ladies along with the Vice District Master.  Not counting Treasurer and Secretary also Ladies. WOW!

Remember the Order needs a VIBRANT, ENTHUSIASTIC MEMBERSHIP – GET THE WORD OUT!  TV TV TV (Talk Vasa) with ENTHUSIASM!  Nothing in the world has ever been accomplished without ENTHUSIASM. “A person who lacks enthusiasm never develops it in another. But a person who is enthusiastic soon has enthusiastic followers”.  We need to think about this!

Looking forward to seeing you in Philadelphia.

in generosity, truth and unity,

Art Bjorkner, Grand Master