You may apply for membership if you are fourteen years of age or older and meet one of the following requirements:

1. You were born in Nordic country.

2. You are of Nordic ancestry.

3. You are the spouse of an active Vasa member.

4. You are a non-Nordic widow or widower of a Vasa member.

5. You are not of Nordic ancestry but are committed to the promotion and advancement of Swedish and Nordic heritage and culture.

You may request an application for membership in the Vasa Order of America by any of the following means:

Grand Lodge Membership Chairman
Tore Kellgren
5971 W. Walbrook Dr.
San Jose, CA 95129 USA

Be sure to include: Your Name, Full mailing address and Phone number

You will receive an application form by mail with instructions on where to send it once completed.

click HERE to view a sample application form

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