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Date Posted: March 22, 2020


I wanted to send a note out to each of our Local Lodges – and each Vasa member.  You will find an abundance of proper procedures and protocols to follow during COVID-19.  I have every confidence that your Chairmen, Officers, and members of your Local Lodges will make responsible decisions in the upcoming weeks and months regarding events and gatherings.

I’m reaching out to ask that you recall the oath you took during initiation.

You promise to promote the advancement of the Order; to strive to

preserve the noble qualities of our people; to discourage envy, slander

and everything that tends to degrade and humiliate. You promise to

visit the sick and honor the departed members.


In spring of 2020 we have a rare opportunity in our busy lives and hectic schedules to reach out to all those wonderful people with whom we always wish we had more time to chat.  I would like to implement a call to action – reach out to one of your brothers or sisters of the Lodge every few days.  Pick up the phone and give a call to someone who may be home alone and hasn’t had an opportunity to interact with others during the day.  I’ve been doing this over the last week and it’s remarkable the impact you will feel. We are social creatures and sharing the struggles, celebrations or fears we face is uplifting.

Additionally, for our Local Lodge Officers - As we cancel or postpone many of the annual celebrations and events in our calendar, try to find creative new ways to stay connected with your membership.  Publish memories on your Facebook page, website, or in your monthly newsletters that remember the joyous occasions of years past.  Challenge your members to send in anecdotes, memories of growing up with Swedish traditions, old family photos and share these with the Lodge.

When I sat down to write this note, I thought……. My Local Lodge was established in 1910.  Before World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II.  I wonder what our members did at that time to pull together as a community and support one another.  Let’s honor those virtues in the days ahead.

In Truth & Unity

Julie Lynn Olson

District Master, PA #9  

Date Posted: June 11, 2020


In light of the COVID-19 health situation, the officers of PA District Lodge #9 have voted to postpone our Convention for September 2020 and will reschedule for Fall 2021, date to be announced soon.